Winchester Star 10 gauge wooden crate


Any comments on this box would be appreciated. Value and how old?


Does it have any other markings? At first sight it doesn’t look like a Winchester box.

Edit. Forget what I just said, it looks correct. That’s a really nice box! Star boxes are rare, but I don’t have any reference about the value of a wooden crate. Usually, there is much less interest in these than in 25 round boxes.

It would date from circa 1884 (introduction of Star brand) or 1887 (sold as loaded shells) to 1894 (last loading data).


That’s an interesting find. Curious about the value as well.


Yes it has markings on 3 sides. I tried to post more pictures but it would only allow me to post one.


You may want to try Imgur and share the links here.


I just noticed a date stamp. 9.21.91


If all of the sides are nice condition with solid print, then I would think that a very rare crate to have survived this long, seeing as how people usually threw them out or repurposed them and treated them very rough. They were sometimes turned into kindling, or painted over or got oil stains & such on them. Real nice for 1891


That makes it a great find!