Winchester steel cased 9mm

Just noticed that Cheaperthandirt & Basspro have now listed this “USA forged” line of ammo from Winchester. It is steel cased, and was first announced around the end of September. I am assuming (especially based on the name) that the cases are domestically manufactured as opposed to imported from Russia. Though one would think that setting up tooling and devoting resources to producing this sort of casing domestically would wind up being more expensive, or at least potentially more expensive (depending on the eventual success of the line) than just importing steel cases with custom headstamps? We’ll find out eventually.

It is supposed to be an economy line, competing with the cheap imports, but being of a higher quality to justify what would be a presumably slightly higher price. When one does the math on the prices, which hover just over $30 for the 150 pack offering, you wind up around $200 - $230 per 1050 rds, or around .20+ cents per rd. Stuff like Pobjeda steel case, or Tula steel case are around .17 or .18 cents per rd.

Meanwhile, Sig is going with a newly “white-label” look on their otherwise entirely civilian 9mm V-Crown defense ammo to give it that “contract” look in a 50rd box:

The Cases May be manufactured EMPTY by S&B in Czech Rep., which has Steel case drawing equipment (Courtesy of USSR in the Bad old days); S&B make already a lot of ammo and cases for Winchester (see 7,62x54R, etc.). So no connection with the embargoed Russkis. The grey Bonderised steel cases look a lot like Czech-made 7,62x39 and other Czech steel cased ammo

Although Win (Olin Industries) may be taking the Plunge making Steel cased ammo, since it is so popular in the USA; and doing it from Go to Whoa. What with new capacity at its Oxford Mississippi Plant for Military ammo, the Lines at Alton (still running?) may have the capacity to do steel?

Time will tell…
Doc AV

That •WIN• headstamp would suggest a Sellier & Bellot case. The two dots appear on Winchester .45 auto that used S&B made brass cases. The only thing that would bother me about that ID is that S&B doesn’t make much steel-case ammo anymore, and never made a lot other than military ammo with the bxn code, as far as I can recall. But again, it is the same basic use of dots as on other Winchester ammo in Czech cases.

I personally never saw any, but wasn’t there some S&B brass-washed steel 9mmP ammo around the US recently?

Jon - Yes there was. I guess I wasn’t thinking about those because the Winchester rounds have lacquered or teflon-coated steel cases, hard to tell which from the photo. I did not mean to imply S&B never made a steel case, but rather just that the norm for them, especially in commercial ammo, has been brass cases. I realize that doesn’t mean anything, since they have the steel-case technology at that factory with all the know how of making them.

Yes there was. It was their 9mm Range Safe ammo and it was made in both 115 & 124gr loads.

The S&B Range Safe stuff was probably not made in the Czech Republic. Guys who work both in the Lab and in Quality Control at the factory had never seen or heard of steel case ammo at this time. I brought some to the Czech Association meeting and they were a big hit. Nobody knew anythng about them.

A guy who should know told me that at that time S&B was having 22LR with their hst made by a factory in Russia. He suspected that the 9mms were also made in Russia. The headstamp bunters were apparently made in the Czech Republic and shipped to Russia.

Matt, thanks for point these out. I just ordered mine. Winchester hasn’t made these since WWII. There are WCC 43 headstamps with lacquered steel cases and the very rare WRA 9M-M headstamp in a steel case.