Winchester SuperX 100 Year Aniversary Limited Edition Cartridges

Not my area of interest but just to let others know these are being advertised online.

Brian - do you know if these have a special headstamp, or not?

John Moss


Good question and I don’t have an answer for you. Maybe someone else knows!


another question, which probably ranks in the “dumb question of the year” competition, but just 100 years of what is being commemorated? It certainly is not Winchester Ammo. I don’t think it could be the .30-30 cartridge, since I am pretty sure that exist before 1921. Is it the “Super-X” designation being commemorated? I can’t think of anything left!?

John Moss

The 30 WCF was only made as a smokeless & the M-94 was it’s introduction.

Perhaps it’s the Powder-Point bullet?

Perhaps the folks in advertising needed to create another thing to collect?

It commemorates the introduction of the Supex-X brand. According to the trademark registration it was used since November 1, 1921.

The centerfire line comes with regular headstamps in .243, 270, .30-30 and .308 Win.



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Online information:


Known for its exceptional quality and outstanding performance, Super-X® has been a trusted name for generations of hunters and sport shooters. Now, Winchester is excited to commemorate 100 years of the Super-X brand with a series of specially designed, limited-edition packages. Celebrate this brand of products built on legendary performance by picking up a limited-edition box.




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Thanks, guys, for the ID. I thought it might be that - there was nothing else left for it to be - but I had not seen any advertising on this yet.

To clarify Pete’s answer, the .30 WCF cartridge (.30-30 Winchester) was introduced chambering in the Winchester Model 1894 Rifle and Carbines. It was not the first cartridge for this model rifle, those honors going to the .32-40 and .38-55 WCF cartridges which appeared in Winchester Catalogs prior to the introduction of the Model 1894 rifle, and were listed as being "adapted to Winchester Single Shot, and to Ballard and Marlin rifles. This was the listing in the April 1894 catalog. The Model 94 rifle first appeared in the Winchester catalog, available only in those two calibers, in the issue of November 1894. The Model 1894 Winchester rifle was first introduced in the August 1895 issue of their catalog, showing also the chamberings of .25-35 “Smokeless” and the original .32-40 and .38-55 calibers, not using the term “smokeless” for anything but the .25-35 and .30-30 calibers.

John Moss

Perhaps they simply needed to do aomething to increase sales of “non-tactical” ammunition?

Peronally I prefer anything to Winchester simply from an accuracy standpoint.

I have, however, always liked Winchesters bright eye-catching box lables.