Winchester Supreme 9.3x62 ammunition

Winchester have been manufacturing ammunition for the 9.3x62 since 2014. The Winchester catalogs since 2014 have only shown it in the Super X power point range eg.

Can anyone please throw some light on when they put out the cartridge in the Supreme range eg.


Firstly, it is worth pointing out that it appears that Winchester have never “manufactured” the 9.3x62 but rather sourced case/cartridges from Europe. I would also question that 2014 date… .

Here is what I know about Winchester marketing of 9.3x62:

On 24 May 2000, a U.S. federal trademark registration was filed for GRAND EUROPEAN METRICS by Olin Corporation, St. Louis, MO 63105. This referred to production of the following calibers by Norma for Winchester with a “WINCHESTER” hs using a large “X”.

7x57R (M48)
7x64 (W5)
7x65R (W6)
8x57 JRS (M33)
9.3x62 (M54)
9.3x74R (M60)

[[The 9.3x62 is supposed to exist with the large “X” but I do not have an image. Here are the equivalent 9.3x74R hs to show what it should look like]]

This trademark was abandoned by 2003 and replaced by cartridges using “Winchester” hs with a small “x” in the following calibers. Some state that these cases were supplied by PPU, some by S&B and others say Hornady and some of these have been sold in Hornady packets. Maybe all three companies were used and perhaps even others:

7x64 (W5)
7.62x39 (SV15) (Prob S&B)
8x57JS (M32)
8x57JRS (M32)
9,3x62 (M54)
9,3x74R (M60)


In 2016, Winchester listed the following European Sporting ammunition which appears to continue using the small “x” in the hs. Most seem supplied from their original sources and may include the use of the “WIN” hs :

6.5x55 (SC64) (WIN = S&B)
7.62x39 (SV15) (Prob S&B)
7.62x54R (SV14) (WIN = S&B)
8x57JS (M32)
338 Lapua Magnum (SC51)

[[NOTE: 9.3x62 no longer listed - I haven’t seen a “WIN” hs for the 9.3x62]]

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Here’s an excerpt from the Winchester 2003 (multi-language) catalog. It shows possibly (??) the first use of the term “Grand European Metrics” and also dates the "Supreme " range back until at least 2003.

My earliest reference is the Winchester 2002 international catalog (same loads as the 2003 edition
shown above).

Catalogs from 2004 and 2005 list the same loads but reference codes now start with a “C” (example: CSP757R).

In 2006 the 7x64 CSBST764 and 9.3x62 are not longer listed (same for 2007).

In 2008 the CSP764A, CX764 and CSBST765 are not longer listed.

In 2009 the 7x64, 8x57JRS and 9.3x74R are not longer listed.

In 2010 the 7x57R is not longer listed (only the 7x65R CSP765 remain from the original list).

In 2011 the 7x64, 9.3x62, 8x57JRS and 9.3x74R are reintroduced as “new” (Super-X line: CX764PP, CX857JRSPP, CX9362PP and CX9374RPP), while the 7x65R CSP765 is still listed separately.

In 2012 the 7x65R is not longer listed and codes are changed to CM7641, CM857JS, CM9362 and CM9374R (same for 2013 to 2021, inclusive).



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Thanks Fede - that makes it clearer.

I will tidy up my notes !

Fede, that was really useful info.

I did notice that my copy of the 2016 catalog shows no 7x64, 8x57JRS, 9.3x74R or 9.3x62. The 2021 on-line catalog is the same and they both only listed the following European Sporting ammunition:

6.5x55 (SC64) (WIN = S&B)
7x57 (M46) (WW-SUPER)
7.62x39 (SV15) (? Prob S&B)
7.62x54R (SV14) (WIN = S&B)
8x57JS (M32) (WW-SUPER)
338 Lapua Magnum (SC51) (HS ?)

Is there some Winchester international catalogs that still show those missing calibers ?

Brad, see my last note, all four calibers are listed without changes between 2012 and 2021 (international editions only). You can download the latest edition here: Winchester International Website

By the way, CM857JS is not a typo and is the 8x57JRS code, not 8x57JS.

I did see your last note Fede but my catalogs contradicted it and that’s why I speculated there were maybe International catalogs that did show those calibers and now you have confirmed it.

Many thanks

Glad to help, I think any of the “Grand European Metrics” was ever listed in regular catalogs.

It certainly looks that way and I will amend my notes accordingly… Cheers

Thank you gentlemen for that information.

Brad, my opening sentence was refering to the Winchester Super X range which I failed to specify. I have seen the comment in the past suggesting that Winchester did not make the brass/cartridge for the 9.3x62 but had not until very recently seen any proof.
On the Winchester Super X 9.3x62 packets they clearly have “MADE IN USA” on them. This I accepted as proof they did manufacture the cartridge. It seemed to me that considering they manufactured a huge quantity of .270 and .30-06 cartridges they would take the easy way out and use the same cartridge case for the 9.3x62, just as many US reloaders have done to get cheap readily available cases. I have measured the base of the Super X cartridges and they are the same as the Winchester .30-06 cases, smaller than all European 9.3x62 cases that I have measured.
Remington and Barnes 9.3x62 cases measure the same. So to my way of thinking, Winchester did not get a European manufacturer to make up this line. Does that make any sense?
Now the Winchester Supreme Grand European Metrics 9.3x62 line appears to back up your understanding.
Winchester Supreme rear of packet
On the back of the packet it has “MADE IN SWEEDEN” printed on it.

I do not own the Winchester Supreme packet. At present I am waiting for a photo of the hs on the cartridges within.


Thanks for the extra information Dusty.

From reading comments in the internet and old posts (eg Ron Merchant’s comments on the subject) it is fairly clear that, starting from before 2000, Winchester (like many other manufacturers) often got cases from cheapest source. They (mostly) loaded them in the US and this likely ‘qualifies’ them to state “MADE IN US*” on the box. It is the source of the case that I am interested in here !
Despite your argument, I still doubt that Winchester actually made 9.3x62 cases (it may even have been by Hornady then it would be fully “Made in US”) but will continue to look for more info.

I look forward to seeing an image of the hs from that “Supreme” pkt

I have received a photo of the hs but unfortunately the quality is such that it is not worth trying to display here.
It does show a small “x” so it answers that question.

That’s surprising - it should show a large “X” like all the other cases coming from the first lot of “Grand European Metrics” (ie the SUPREME type).

Does the hs look like the one below with the font right out to the outer edge ?


No, that hs matches the Winchester Super X line.

The Supreme hs is this
hs for Win Supreme cartridge

Note the different font for the “W”

Yes that’s definitely different and raises more questions with the lower center “W” . Looks like more than one manufacturer was used for the first “Grand European Metrics” production as well as the second group.

Thanks for this Dusty - if I can work out anything conclusive I will let you know !