Winchester USA Brand 9 mm Box with American Flag

Here is another interesting “USA Brand”, in this instance Winchester, that has an American Flag in the corner rather than the usual “USA” trademark.

I don’t think this pattern of label was accepted by the production department of Winchester. I have never seen another, and this box has no date code/lot number, and had no interior box when received.

I have no questions on it. Just thought it would interest the 9 mm Collectors.

John Moss

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John, great box, thanks for sharing, I’ve never seen this box before. Please, when you have time, can you post pictures of the other sides?



Pretty sure the reason these “flag” boxes are not often seen is that it is illegal to use our flag as advertising / branding in this manner.
Once in awhile they are also seen on CCI .22 boxes but usually that is short lived too.

Pete - I didn’t know that. Seems to me I have seen the American Flag on other products. However, that would certainly be the answer. My best information is that this box was a sample sent from the Art Department to the Production Department, and there it was rejected, and never used. A law against using the Flag in this manner would explain that, for sure.


Fede - Here is a scan of the back side. The only other marking is on one of the ends, and it simply duplicates the marking in the upper right corner of the top printing - the American Flag with “MADE IN U.S.A.” underneath it.

John M.