Winchester Victory edition WWII commemorative 12ga brass shells

Recently I ordered 5 boxes of the new Winchester Victory-edition 12ga brass shells. These are 5rd boxes, which come inside a collectible wooden box, and the shells are designed in the same style as the WWII era M19 00-buck loads. I didn’t realize when I ordered them, but 25rds is actually a case-quantity for this stuff, and this case package is sure to be rare in years to come. It’s about the most inefficient packing I have ever seen for ammo as one standard size shotshell / rifle cartridge sized case box houses only 5 of these wooden 5rd boxes, with cardboard separators in-between. The cost on these is around $19 to $20 per 5rd, with a retail of around $25 per box on the internet. The headstamp on the brass cases is relatively weak.

Winchester puts a novelty Lot number on the 5rd cardboard boxes of 1941-1945, but the true lot number is printed on the end of the case box and is: LT10H26


Sticker on bottom of wooden box:


Matt, great pictures, thanks for sharing.

I suspect they used contract made CBC cases for large pistol Boxer primers, like Remington did in the past with their Ducks Unlimited Commemorative.



I saw some of these at a LGS this past weekend, ran out of $$ before I saw them…

Part of a series , so far I have seen:
This 12 ga in 5 rd box
30-06, M2 (20 cartridge paper box in an wooden box)
30 Carbine M1 (20 cartridge paper box in a wooden box)
45 ACP 1911 (50 cartridge paper box in a wooden box) 2018 ?
Not sure if others?
If anyone knows of more, please inform us.
Be interesting if they do a 50 BMG Box.

AmmoOne - there is also 9 x 19 mm Luger. Two quasi-military style boxes of 50 each in a wooden box. 100 rounds total. Headstamp is quite ordinary for today’s Winchester military-type ball – W M A 1 8

I forget the current US Military Model designation, but the cartridge is the current FMJ Flat Point Ball that the military has been receiving. The only difference is that these have no visible primer seal - guess that sames them a few pennies per 100 rounds.

John Moss

Thanks John

AmmoOne and others - I should have mentioned that the 9 mm Luger rounds, coming with the military W M A headstamps and in quasi-military boxes within a wood box, do not carry any WWII commemorative connotation on the wood box, simply “bragging” about American production, sort of.

It makes sense, since the U.S., other than perhaps the OSS, didn’t make use of any 9 mm small arms for the major part. Not saying a US soldier never picked up one, but most likely it would have been a captured German or Belgian pistol or German SMG. Can’t think of any actually issued by the US Military to its troops.

John Moss

On my cases of boxes I have here, the ammunition is made in the USA ,
and the the wooden boxes are many in China :-)
John, I have not found any information on the internet or seen any 9mm Luger in the Winchester WWII Victory Limited Edition Series ? Maybe an earlier production ?
This current (Limited Edition) series started with the 45 ACP in 2018 (I was told, here say) and this years (2019) with the 30 carbine, 30-06 and 12 gauge.

Dave - as I mentioned in my first reply on the 9 mm, the cartridges were made in 2018. I got them after I got the .45 rounds. I also mentioned in my last reply that they did not have any box markings indicating anything to do with WWII.

Of course, they have done the wooden box thing before. I have had a similar box with .22 RF (I just like “display” boxes - I do NOT collect .22s) for a long time. I forget now what it commemorated, if anything.

Edit to change my idiotic date of “1918” to the correct date of “2018.”


Got you, 1918 not 2018 :-)
I was only off 100 years :-)

Dave - you weren’t off at all. I simply am such an old f–t that I can get my head out of the 20th Century. Hell, I’m not sure that I’m not living in the 19th Century. The 9 mm is, of course, from 2018. I have altered my answer to avoid future confusion.