Winchester W stamped bullets

I recently bought a box of 3-19 dated winchester 175gr soft point 7x57 catridges, and notice that each bullet has a small W stamped on the side of it. I havent seen this before, and it has me wondering if Winchester did this on other bullets, and other calibers?

Winchester 9mm Luger cartridges made in the 1920s and perhaps into the 1930s have this “W” on the bullet.


You will find this small “W” on lots & lots of different case type / caliber bullets made by Winchester.

You will also find a small “S” on some U.S.C.Co. rounds.

I have a bunch of Winchester rounds of different calibers that have the small “W” stamped on the side of the bullet. Just off the top of my head, I remember the stamped bullets as having tinned jackets.

I have 10 different W stamped rounds,mine all have the same HS…W.R.A.Co. and all primers are stamped W.

Similarly U.S.C.Co. ammunition produced by Winchester was stamped with an “S”, see link below to a previous discussion on the subject:

Additional background information:

Has the time-frame for Winchester’s use of “W” marked projectiles been established? The only cartridge I have with that marking that I could roughly date would be a 9.8mm A.C. which I think would be around ca. 1913. I don’t think I have any Winchester “W” marked examples that are not tinned jacketed and note that in the headstamp progression of 9mm Luger WRACo truncated bullet loads, the tinned projectiles are “W” marked and the copper jacketed cartridge is not. I do have a U.S.C.Co. “S” marked projectile .30-06 with a copper jacketed bullet headstamped U.S.C.CO. MOD. 06.