Winchester-Western 12 gauge tracers


I’m in a shotshell frame of mind today. This box of tracers was made between about 1962, when the child warning was mandated, and 1969, when the company name changed from Winchester-Western Division Olin Mathieson Chemical Corporation to Winchester-Western Division Olin Corporation. I have found the loose shells but had never seen the box before this one came along.
It seems odd that there is no load info on the box (these are loaded with #8 shot), but I guess with tracers, the load really isn’t important.


Just a general shot on shotgun tracers for background. The cartridge would contain a singe pellet ignited usually by a hole through the wadding. It would be more smoke producing than visible although in low light maybe both.

The problem being that the pellet was quite big but far less dense than lead shot and would lag behind the shot in flight and drop more quickly. This would be inclined to give a misleading impression of where the shot actually went.

These cartridges had a limited time in favour (around the 60s) although they are still made today in low numbers, they only have limited usefulness as a training aid.

Often asked about on other shooting forums the comments about them are usually unfavourable.


Nice box!

Long before I knew what cartridge collecting was we had a box of these things and shot them with great disappointment, probably in the early 70’s. I agree fully with Vince on their preformance. Wish I still had the box!


Similar cartridges (but different boxes) were used by the U.S. Army during WW2 for training aerial gunners. All those were made by Remington I think).