Winchester Western 12 gauge XM257

Hey guys

I picked up this full box of 25 rounds XM257 at an estate sale today.
I have seen the W-W lot codes explained for centerfire metallic cartridges,
but this lot code is different.
Can anyone tell me about these rounds? I am interested in the date of the box,
scarcity, value, and history behind the XM257.

Markings should be clear but here they are
Hulls Marked

Box Lot No. is D80ED92
SKU is GQ1307

Headstamp is W - W over 12 GAUGE

Here are the pics

I’m sure John or Dennis or someone will be along shortly to educate me.

Thanks … 25973.html

Indeed an interesting box of shells. Hammer’s link was most informative.
This box differs from the one in the link, of course, but I would date it to the mid to late 1960’s. The W-W headstamp began about 1965 and the box has no mention of plastic on it, something one usually saw on boxes of plastic shells from that era, but since it was likely wrapped it is quite possible they would use left over boxes without hesitation (goverment contract).

Thanks for sharing, I found it quite informative and I’m sure more information will follow.

I have the same 12 Ga. T3ABD wooden crate as shown in the link, except mine is from Remington. I would love to find some of the original wingnuts used to hold the lid on, as they are missing from mine. It’s an odd thread size.

Regarding the WW XM257 box style shown , I believe it may be somewhat later than the mid-late 60s given. I seem to remember that design being available in stores as recently as the late 70s-early 80s, but it could have been old stock. I still have some empty 20 gauge boxes like that.

Reviving this old Thing again…
As the link to that named Forum is no longer working:
What is a XM257 now?
I got one with a red plastic-case, (WESTERN SUPER-X headtsamp and the following writings:
No. 4B
Special XM257
LOT Q1260

I just want to know: Is it a normal shotshell with a Special loading, and if, what?
I am not in shotshells, so I knew nothing about shot-ammo

Here a pic

I don’t think my XM257 is anything special. The loading is #4 buckshot 27 pellet. I would expect yours to be the same except for hull color.

12 ga. military shotshells, XM162 & XM257, discussion:

The link at the U.S. Militaria site that was mentioned above can now be found here. The best post on the XM257 ammo is found at Post #48.


Here is another variation which I think might be newer than the red/yellow box. Based on the provenance of this box it may have been made for the law enforcement market rather than military contract.