Winchester-Western Combined Catalogs

Ok, People, it is begging time again. From 1960 to 1981 the RETAIL catalogs for Winchester and Western were combined into one catalog. Starting with 1982, the Western brand name was done away with. Up to 1959, separate catalogs were issued for each company. I am now starting to scan the combined catalogs. I have all of the Retail Catalogs except for 6. I need the following:


If you have any of these in your files, please contact me.

Ron, PM sent.

will winchester catalogs be posted in .22 website too?

Pivi–Yes, it is our intention to post all the catalogs that we acquire of all companies. However, we will only put a company online when we have a majority of the years available. In the case of Winchester and Western, we will be putting them up in three groups. Western, Winchester (Pre-1960 and after 1981) and the combined years of Winchester-Western catalogs (1960-1981). I am just starting to scan my collection of Winchester-Western today, so it will be a couple of weeks before they will be put online.