Winchester Wingo Update , Pictures

Winchester invented the Wingo shotgun in the early 1970s for an experimental indoor shooting sport facility built in San Diego, California.
In the game, four-inch diameter hollow spheres of ice were fired from a bank of ice machines from a distance of 75 feet toward the shooter .

The shotgun was attached to a bench that prevented a shooter from pointing it toward spectators and was wired to an internal microphone to detect when the gun was fired for scoring. see tether below:

When the player fired the gun, a number from 1 to 10 was presented by the scoring machine. The score depended on how quickly the player fired, the higher number for quicker reactions. If the player hit the sphere they scored the number presented by the scoring machine.
The experimental shooting sport was not financially successful and the Wingo facilitywas closed in less than a year.
One of the only two known Winchester Wingo ice ball machines is in the
Buffalo Bill Cody Firearms Museum collection.
Approximately 20 shotguns were produced in .20 caliber that prevented players from using their own .22 shells into the Wingo firearm facility.

Wingo vs .22 Long Rifle Measurements
Wingo Case diameter = …211" or 5.36mm
.22 Long Rifle: Case diameter = .223" or 5.67mm
The rims and length are almost the same, but as stated above, the Wingo had a smaller diameter then the .22 long rifle to prevent players from bringing their own .22 ammo into the facility and using it in the Wingo firearms. Wingo vs. .22 Long Rifle

The cartridges were packaged in sleeves (5 boxes per sleeve). There were two different boxes - a red print with black triangles on the top (packed 36 rounds), and a black print with red triangles on top (packed 30 rounds).

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If any errors, or different information, please let me know, as this is what I got so far from many e-net sites, but still all here say, as I have no contracts at Winchester to verify this is 100% complete.

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I knew the boxes and ammo, but picture of the gun and detailled explanation of its use (ice ball and mike) are new for me.
Very interesting !

How common or not is this Wingo ammo?

Was the microphone set up to detect the sound of the ice ball shattering, indicating a hit? What was the solution to remove the water from the floor that a few hours use of one of these ranges would create?

Wasn’t there also a similar shell for an outdoor skeet range with targets fired from a trap triggered by a foot pedal?

Here is a link to some nice pics of the Wingo gun and a big ol’ bag of loose ammunition.