Wind indicator cartridges - cal.12

I search information about special ammunition in caliber 12.
This ammunition is used in rocket artillery for wind speed measurement before fire or on fire.
Ammunition is fired from special wind rifle.

english:wind indicator cartridges???
polish: nabój sondujący
russian: зондировочный патрон
german: windmesspatrone???

Poland used tree types:

Russian used tree types this ammo:


And I have a questions for collectors from other country:
-What country and force used similar ammunition?
-How markings is this ammunition?
-How name is this ammo in other languages?

similar information in this theme on forum:

Czecdhoslovakia also made the 2 “day” types (in red cardboard S&B cases). Why they did not make the tracer “night” version I do not know.

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Náboj větroměrný = wind indicator cartridges
Větroměrná puška= wind rifle

ZP - 1

ZP - 2



The German name for the weapon is Windgewehr, a Mosin rifle action adjusted to fire exactly vertically.
The German name for the cartridge is Sondierpatrone (sondieren = to probe) and the wind measurement itself was called Sondierung.

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I have never seen or heard of other production than Russian and Czechoslovak. But given the wide use of the related weapon systems it is very likely that more countries made such cartridges.

Here some diagrams.

How did they Plot the wind speed, by visual observation of the deviation of the trace from vertical? And also the direction of the wind ( could be done by ground instruments… I know anemometers - wind speed meters- were used by Western Artillery units.

Doc AV

They used tables for the measured distances (drop point from rifle) and the angle was measured on the ground.
The wind tables then gave the required corrections for the range tables and laying of the system.

Anemometers have the drawback that they do measure the speed right above ground only and not up to 150 and 200m as wind directions are changing with altitude or may be faster or slower than at ground level.

ZP-1 (day - green): 150m
ZP-2 (day - red): 200m
NZP (night - with optical signal): 200m

Tracer projectile: … 420006.jpg

For use at day: … 421040.jpg


Polish ammo NSD-1 ; NSD-2


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WR-2 in action (russian)