Wingnuts for WWII Wooden Ammo Case


I have a very nice condition military wooden ammunition case (1944-WWII era) that originally held 12 Gauge 00 Buck, made by Remington. I would like it complete but it is missing one of the L-shaped threaded rods and 5 of the original 6 wingnuts that hold the wooden lid on. Does anyone know where these items might be available?


Do you have any way to measure what thread the wingnuts use? If you could find this out then you could probably get replacements which would look identical.


It’s a non-standard thread, but I don’t know what it is. Also, the wingnuts are not the conventional type you can buy at Home Depot, as they are flanged. More like what you used to see that were used to hold the lid of a car air filter can on. I don’t think cars have those any more.


Do you know anyone with a set of thread gauges who could confirm what thread it is for you? Once you know the thread you could probably track some similar ones down.


I’m looking for original WWII-era lid wingnuts. It’s likely (but not certain) that every small arms wooden ammunition crate (and probably other similar shipping crates) used identical wingnuts, as there would have been no reason to use different nuts. There had to have been millions of them made, as 4 to 6 of them (and maybe more) were used on every ammunition crate. Some crates also used metal cross-straps that went from threaded rod to threaded rod. I have to believe that someone somewhere has to have a supply of the old ammo crate nuts, threaded rods, and metal straps stashed away.

See posting viewtopic.php?f=8&t=10160 for pictures of something similar.


Similar wingnuts were also used in assembly strainers for Cable reels made of either plywood or sheet steel… and other “temporary, quick dismantle Boxes”, using steel rod stays.
The pressed sheet steel design supplanted earlier ( and costlier) forged or cast metal wingnuts. The diameters of the threads were mostly in the range of 3/16s, 1/4 and 5/16 Inch, either Withworth or UNC ( depending who made them…most European “hardware” type items back before WW II used Withworth rather than metric, but the equivalent Metric would be 6mm and 8mm.

I would google " Wingnuts" or “Butterfly Nuts” ( American and British English) and see what is available…you may be surprised.

regards, Doc AV
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I searched the internet for stamped wing nuts (which is what they are). There are many sources for them available in numerous thread sizes, but none seem to be very near the dimensions of the military originals. Maybe someday I’ll find some of those when I least expect it.