Wolf 35rd .380 auto box

I was puzzled by this 35rd box of Wolf .380 auto ammo that I came across today. First time I have seen it, and am wondering what the motivation was.

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GOOD question, eagerly awaiting an answer…
I cannot think of anything chambered in .380 that took a 35 round, (or even a 34 round + 1 in the chamber), magazine.

Most .380 pistols have a 7-round Mag. 35 is 5x7 mag-fulls.
( most military users of .380 had ammo supplied in 7or 14 round packets ( Italy, Romania etc)
Doc AV

Oh, well, if you are gong to show off by dong actual MATH… ;-)

Actually, much appreciated.

You need to look at Russian weapons in .380 as they are used for guard service.
The 35rd boxes are common in Russia and there sure no “normal” .380 guns are around.