Wolf 5.45x39 odd camo overlabel sticker

I found it odd that a current production case of Wolf 5.45x39 55gr soft points had a tiny thin camo sticker (matching the box color) on all of the boxes, neatly placed over a “keep out of the reach of children” warning. There is another more thorough warning on another side of the same box, and It seems a ton of effort just to cover a duplicate and harmless warning. Relevant sides shown in photo.

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Maybe something wrong is written under the overlabel (information wise)?

Maybe there were for a particular customer (initially outside the US) who did not want this marking?

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Matt, thanks for sharing. What is the lot number?

What is under the larger warning sticker?

I have the empty case box lost here somewhere, which likely has more info, but for now just this found inside a box end-flap.

Checked just now, and it seems utterly absurd. Basically all they have done is reused the exact same words, but have moved the large bold children warning from the end of the original box print paragraph, up to the first mention after the word “warning”. This, and then they felt compelled to also cover the other aforementioned other children warning print with a tiny camo strip sticker. It seems an absurd effort for cheap boxes, when all you are doing is re-arranging one sentence placement.

They were trying to influence 2016 election!!!

This is not just a permutation of a sentence. The phrase “Keep out of the reach of children” on the back side of the very noticeable (in bold in a separate place) has become common, but on the front side it has completely disappeared. So the problem is in it!

Exactly, and this is “evidence” they did, just that the folks “finding” this evidence knew nothing and used a 2018 lot number.
Quite typical for nowaday’s experts. (smiley)