Wood Bullet Blank Packets - 7.65mm Mauser & 8mm Lebel

My brother came across the attached packets of 7.65 Mauser and 8mm Lebel wood bullet blanks at an estate sale and is wondering if members can share their thoughts as to collector interest & value. The 7.65 Mauser have C B 23/24/26 headstamps and the 8mm Lebel have TS R 4 37 headstamps. We know that the CB hs is an ealier Belgium hs and the TS is of course French. Any thing of any interest to add?

The 7,65 are typical Cartoucherie Belge Products, whilst the french 8mm lebel Blanks are Packed in the standard 8 round packet issued for both Lebel Rifles (M1886/93) with a Tube capacity of 8 cartridges, and for relaoding Hotchkiss M1914 Strips ( 24 round strips== 3 packets).

Nice find, more for the specialised Collector.

Doc AV