Wood on brass contact damage?

Does anyone know if direct contact between wood and brass or steel cases will cause any kind of corrosion or discoloration? It’s a storage related question and would be a long-term contact issue if anything. Mostly wondering if dry clean wood like pine or balsa would be a problem if in direct contact with cartridges laying directly on top of the wood without any cardboard packaging.

Most soft woods should not cause a problem. Avoid hardwoods, especially oak, or any wood that might out-gas Tannic acid. Avoid pines that give off a strong turpentine Oder such as Red Pine. I make trays for my drawers to increase capacity (I can get upto 4 trays in each drawer). I have been using them for over 30 years with NO problems. The trays are made using White Pine, Douglas Fir or ASH for the frames and 1/8 inch wall paneling for the bottoms.

Thanks Ron, I will mostly be using typical dowels and balsa wood, so that should be soft wood and not oak

Oak is the real killer, it’ll rust steel almost on contact because of the tannin it contains. Anything with high resin content is bad as it evaporates from the wood and will settle on metal due to temperature differences. In turn it will attract dust which will be very hard to remove. Ash, beech or pine are all good options as well as being affordable and easy to work.

Technically Balsa is reckoned to be a hard wood as this is worked out as a ratio of strength to weight. I build large radio controlled gliders and a properly built ‘D’ box wing is very hard to damage… unless you’re trying the land the thing at the time.

Happy collecting, Peter