Wooden ball bullets used by the Germans in WWI


In the book mentioned in my previous post, Les Armes déloyales des Allemands, there’s a picture of a wooden bullet supposedly used by the germans during WWI. It is made of wood, has a lead disk at the base and a steel roundnose cap at the tip, base and tip connected by a soft iron rod. According to the book, this bullet caused awesome wounds, and the german soldiers were instructed not to fire them at distances greater than 150 meters. Has anyone seen or heard of such a bullet?


would these have been produced in the last days of WW1 when shortages were becoming acute?


Vince I don’t believe that,

In the book „50 Jahre Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken“ from 1939 is written on page 86; in the last months of 1917 the production from rifles and ammunition is highly reduced because there were too many of these items on stock.

That means; the production was higher then they used on the front.