Wooden Japanese .303 Drill/Dummy round

I purchased a wooden .303 drill round today at the ECRA meeting in the UK and I was told it is a Japanese wooden drill round, it has a metallic head but no headstamp. I was told that they were found by Australian troops on Papua New Guinea and that they were the only lot ever found. I am sorry it is late in the evening for me and I have not got my camera set up, but I will take a photo tomorrow. I just wondered if anyone had one or had heard about them.

Many thanks as always


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Richards, great find, congratulations! Those Japanese dummies are very rare and only found in few collections. Must have a c. 6.8 to 7 mm long steel head with a large primer cavity. Also found in 7.7x58.



Fede you are correct with the steel head but mine has a small primer cavity. Not the best photo had to do on phone.



A GREAT round Richard.

I have one in 7.7x58 but didn’t even know the .303 version existed!

Jonnyc do you have any info on your 7.7x58 version, Who made it or when??
I suppose I should really change my listing to 7.7x56R not .303 with Japanese using the metric sizing.


Can’t really help with info beyond “Elks” and this previous thread:

I dont have Elk’s book on Japanese ammunition, is the 7.7x56r in the book


Your 7.7x56R is not mentioned in either of Elk’s relevant books on Japanese ammo or Dummy Collecting. Let me know if you find another!