Woodin Lab Update

There has recently been a rumor from Europe that the Woodin Laboratory collection has been sold. This is not correct. The collection has not been sold, although there has been some ongoing interest by potential buyers. I spoke with John Woodin yesterday and he assured me that the goal of keeping the collection intact and in a place where it could be a resource for collectors and others remains the family’s top priority. The collection is secure in the lab and there is no rush to sell.

In fact, during this time one of the Woodin Lab directors, Chip Orr, is maintaining his schedule of working in the lab about one day a week. Chip, who lives in Tucson, is a professional-grade photographer and technology expert, and he has just finished photographing the contents of every drawer in the lab. He has also photographed each display board and is about to begin photographing or scanning Bill’s reference library, beginning with the most important documents. Chip is a volunteer who has created a high-quality photographic record documenting the lab and its contents, and we all owe him a lot. And if that weren’t enough, Chip has also been organizing and cleaning the lab, which is a monumental task. I put a couple of photos of the lab taken after his cleaning and organizing below. The floor sparkles and everything looks bright and neat. So, the time waiting for a buyer to surface has been well spent, not wasted.


Thanks Mel, always good to hear an update. Hard news keeps rumors at bay.


This year I have another 20+ days of vacation, I can help. There is one problem: I live on a different continent)

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Really nice work done, Thank you all for the time you spent there to keep the collection as it was, I will enjoy to see all the pictures and I hope that they could be added in the ressource center. It must be a huge amount of work! One more time, thank you!

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OH so there is a floor in that lab.

Amazing work Chip. THANKS

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I regret I never got there, but taking Bill to dinner at SLICs 2006 was a wonderful thing and I will always remember it. Truly a great Man.

Just received the latest MORPHY AUCTIONS catalog(book), and a few of Bill’s machine guns are listed for upcoming sale/auction. I noticed his BRITISH LEWIS GUN and MG-08 MAXIM, and possibly a few others listed. I’ll need to build up my cash reserves(soda/beer can deposit/returns) a bit in order to bid on a few items. I did see a few nice Winchester '97 shotguns that draws my collecting interest.

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Thank you Chip Orr and Mel Carpenter, and the others who have volunteered so much time and work to preserve the incredible asset, the Woodin Laboratory. A truly unique, and extremely challenging task, far more complex than most people will ever know.

Chip’s efforts to methodically document things are especially significant for the long term preservation of the knowledge residing there.

Bill would be proud and thankful for both of you, and your many helpers.

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I agree with JohnS, Thank you to everyone involved with this.

Chip a great job as always !!! I really enjoyed meeting you and working there with you. I still wish I could have seen your 7.9 duplicates:)