Woodleigh Hydrostatic Stabilized Projectile


I was given a fired 338 Lapua case into which an unusual brass projectile has been loaded. I haven’t pulled the projectile but there is 24.5mm protruding from the case.


The ‘drive bands’ measure ø8.45mm and the body ø8.25mm. The tip is ø6.2mm and is dished as shown in the second picture.

Does anyone know what this is? It looks too well made to be home cooked but I could be wrong.


Hello again,

It is a Woodleigh Hydrostatic Stabilized Projectile. I don’t know if anyone is offering the .338 LM using this bullet, but I’m going to check.




Fede - you are a machine!

Thanks again - I’ve just looked at the Woodleigh website and they offer them in 185 and 225 grain projectiles for .338. I’ve edited the title.


How can something moving at hundreds of feet per second be static?
Hydrodynamic not static is the right term.

It’s the process of making the projectiles according to Woodleigh

Hydrostatic stabilization is a technique that has been used in the brass extrusion industry for many years. It is a method of producing pierced hollow bars to very precise concentricity by using tool design to harness hydrostatic forces to centralise mandrels when punching through brass billets.

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