World War 1 .303


Read on an internet site where the United States manufactured .303 British ammo in 1915 before we officially entered this war. It was loaded on the RMS Lusitania and that ship was torpedoed off the coast of Ireland where divers discovered the boxes of ammo. Anybody know where this rifle ammunition was manufactured? Or anything else to add? Thanks


No need for divers to discover ammunition boxes. (Which happened in 2008, I think. The wreck is at only 90 m depth.) It was admitted at the time that Lusitania had carried small arms ammunition and other items, non-explosive, like empty grenade shells and fuzes.

The question is: was there a second violent explosion (only one torpedo launched) or not. For example, German and English version of Wikipedia are a little at odds in this respect.


Is it just that particular ammo from the Lusitania or are you looking for info on all WWI US contract ammo



Just the ammo carried aboard the Lusitania.


I believe I remember reading that the small arms ammo aboard was listed on the manifest as having been manufactured by Remington-UMC. Can anyone confirm that?


There’s another interesting “ordnance” thing that was on the ship: several tons of cartridge brass sheets to be made into Princess Mary Christmas tins, some of which contained a .303 “bullet pencil” in a slotted cardboard holder. And some of these had sterling silver bullet jackets, marked “Sterling.” The Germans never would have believed that cartridge brass was to be used during the war for such a trivial purpose. But it was.


First let me tell you if you are truly interested in the LUSITANIA SAGA to read the book by Colin Simpsin
I garantie you will not put it down you will eat that piece of war propaganda lie and deceit.Now I will tell you
a little that I still remember from reading it a long time ago.Altogether there were 6000000 million rounds of
ammo on board 4927 each case containing 1000round of 303 there were 323 bales of gun cotton stored
in gangways marked as furs.and yes there were 2 explosions they tried to conceal al that during the investigation later the real loading manifesto was later found in President Wilsons desk yes there were 2
the one found was sealed in an envelope with the direction to be opened by the President only.The LUSITANIA sank within 15 minutes because the bottem was blown right out of it.The 2 Torpedoes that hit her struck her
I believe under the bridge.I believe what was left of the cargo was later after the war in secret operation
removed by the British Admirality.