World war 2 ammunition


New to the forum and would like to ask a question. I have a number of 45ACP cartridges that came out of various arsenals and according to the headstamps the cartridges were manufactured from 1918 to 1943. The ammunition is not in the original military boxes. Do these cartridges have any value?
As one can tell, I am not a collector. Just want to know if the items are worth selling or just to be kept for keepsake.


C45man–While there are some exceptions, such as the Green and Red tracers in the 20’s, most of the ordinary ball rounds are worth $1.00 each or less. Keep them, but don’t plan on sending your kids to college.



I’ve never heard of any green and red tracers in 45ACP during the '20s. What are they?


I don’t collect headstamps but it’s my understanding that there are some 45ACP headstamps that are much sought after by collectors. Maybe someone else can answer here.



Ray–Check out HWS I, Pg. 37-41.


Ah so. I didn’t know that Cal .45 tracers went back that far. I thought they were strictly 1930s and WW II. I’ve got to quit asking questions like that. Before you know it I’ll be collecting pistol cartridges. :-o