Would the US members like to do a traveling mystery box?

I’ll start it if so. Sorry, US members only due to this having live ammo.

Basically it will be a box of cartridges and or other collectible stuff. You take some, you replenish some. You update the journal. YOU MUST POST PICTURES. You ship it to the next person on the list.

originator gets put back into the list at some point.

The list
jonnyc - complete
GuyHildebrand - complete
WRMorrison - declined
krag56 - complete
Pepper - complete
markm04 - complete
JesterToo - complete
Callietho - box delivered

Dan - box delivered

Could be fun…I’m game.

I also would be interested

Sure; I’m in.


I’m in. Sounds like fun.

could be an adventure (in the cold months)

Should I shamelessly put myself in after Pepper? ;)

ETA: I’ll have the box ready tonight to ship tomorrow.

Please let us know how much the UPS is for shipping the initial box. I am interested in entering the contest but I’m not sure $20 to $30 in UPS shipping will result in an equal return in collectable cartridges, given my narrow interests.


14lbs $30

Largest items were a couple of 50bmg rounds. A mix of everything smaller than that. Handgun, rifle and shotgun. Some I’m sure has no value, but there might be a gem in there, who knows.

I forgot to put a journal in.

I think it sounds like fun!

I’m going home tonight to look through all my odd-ball stuff for cool things to put in ;)


Yippee!!! A cartridge show in a box!!! Now to start digging. Who will get it next???

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GuyHildebrand, the box should have arrived. Can you confirm delivery?

Is it too late to be added to the list?

If not, I am in for it. I am a new member so I don’t think my address is published in the directory yet.

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No word from Guy after I sent the box to him. I hope all is well. Anyone in touch with him?

Is it too late to be added to the list?

If not, I am in for it. I am a new member so I don’t think my address is published in the directory yet.

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I’ll put ya on the list. Hopefully Guy’s alright and the box isn’t lost.

Thanks jester,

Hopefully everything is alright with Guy and the package.

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The box has been located - what is the address for the next person on the list?

As received:


I believe WRMorrison is next on the list; I need an UPS acceptable address and an email address to notify him it is on it’s way. I could not locate my latest directories (misplaced in the move). If he is not next, I’ll need to know who it needs to go to.

The box was dropped off at UPS on May 6th; it was shipped to Krag56 in Nebraska after WRMorrison asked that he be skipped. It is presently just over 16 lbs, and cost $26 to ship. I suspect it has accumulated more in shipping costs at this point than the contents were ever worth.

So, what was my experience with the traveling mystery box like, you might be asking? I don’t think any of us were expecting to find that one cartridge that we have been searching for to ‘complete’ a collection, but , in a nutshell, the experience to me was pretty ho-humm. I believe the concept of the traveling mystery box needs to be re-thunk, as I question that it was intended as a means of disposing of one’s sorted-through cast offs, which some of the contents appeared to be. I removed just over a pound of empty fired cases, cartridges with active corrosion, reloaded .308s, and, oddly enough, a lead fishing weight in the process of sorting through it. It would probably make sense to go through the contents for the purpose of culling out another 6 to 8 pounds to get the shipping down to a reasonable level. Those culled items could be added as a lot to the annual IAA auction; I doubt that many cartridges can be documented as having traveled so far as these have.The bulk of the cartridges in the box are pretty common. I did find several items that I was interested in, so I don’t consider this a bust, but I do want to let future recipients know that any expectations they might have of this being a traveling cartridge show in a box may be in for some disappointment unless a benevolent member decides to throw in some jewels somewhere down the line. I did add an assortment of cartridges, shotshells and boxes, nothing too rare, but they may prove to be of interest to some of those whose collecting focus isn’t too specific.

Should anyone feel that my culling out some of the contents of the box was in poor taste, please send an email to me with your address and I’ll be happy to send you the empty cases, corroded cartridges, reloaded .308s, and of course the fishing weight.

Well, that was kind of a downer. I actually got a kick out of it, without adding too much that I could use. It was still interesting to dig through stuff I hadn’t seen before, at leisure. I don’t recall seeing a fishing weight, nor did I put one in. Perhaps while rooting through your stuff to find the box I sent you inadvertently put some of your own sweepings in. I hope you haven’t ruined the experience for the others down the line.
And FWIW, you kind of ruined the surprise by posting pics of what you added to the box. I hope others won’t make that mistake.