WoW 2010


Sorry if this is a bit off topic mods, But is anyone going to Warbirds over Wanaka?
Not great collecting opportunity’s there anymore (due to the fun police the re-enactors can’t give out spent’s anymore) but I did get a round of blank .50BMG fired from a Kittyhawk for the first time since the war.

For those who haven’t heard of it WoW



Do they fire blank .50 BMG from flying aircraft? I can see the fun police having something to say about that if the show was in the UK.


I love that WWI airplane video on the WoW website, and I am not really into planes. I wish New Zealand were in New Jersey, a bit closer. Take photos if anyone goes!!!


Falcon- The Kittyhawk flew a low level strafing run over the runway and on the last day it taxied back down the fence side of the runway, less than 50ft from the crowd and let off 2 second bursts every few hundred metres.

Vlad- On the Saturday of the 2008 show the WW1 planes just taxied out and took off. Didn’t bother with the runway just pointed into the wind and took off. That was VERY cool.

I’ll definitly be going on Friday and Sunday but probably have to work on Sat so going to have to drive back on Friday night and back up on Saturday night.
I’ll up load some pics when I get home if the mods will allow me the indulgence.


Here’s a video of the P-40 Strafing run

An F-111 performing a “Dump and Burn” (Dumping fuel with the afterburners on so it ignites the fuel)

A Polikarpov I-16

A T-28 Trojan (I love these A/C)

A Vampire Jet

A WW1 Plane for Vlad (Can’t remember model sorry)

And finally -to keep it ammo related- a smoke ring from something (possibly a 25-pounder)

The best bit is that with the exception of the F-111 all of this is owned buy the civilian populace (that’s owned by the RAAF. We’re hoping for the F/A-18 Hornet’s this year). If you ever planning on coming over, it is held every second year (even ones- but they snuck one in '85) over Easter in Wanaka. On odd years there is one in the north of the South Island but Warbirds is bigger. (We’ve had Chuck Yeager and Buzz Aldrin here for it)



Thank you, I always wanted to have a picture of a WWI triplane with a swastika backwards. Makes my day.


Vlad- I believe they were drawn that way to confuse Allied Pilots who would then think the A/C was flying in reverse.
Or the owners of that A/C were taking the mickey.

I’m gonna go with taking the mickey.

Actually on second though I seem to recall something about a Hindu good luck symbol.


Wikipedia shows a picture of the early female aviator Matilde Moisant wearing a reverse swastika medallion in 1912, and goes on to say “The symbol was popular as a good luck charm with early aviators (eg the highly decorated WW1 aviators Fritz Berkhardt and Werner Voss”). Perhaps these were meant to be their planes.

John E