WOW loud aircraft sounds Part 2

Here’s photo’s of sounds (can there be photos of sounds?) be generated…I won’t soon forget

PS…photos from the catwalk of the range control tower

It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s an inbound A-10 (with hot guns)

When you see the smoke…the gun has been fired

Then you “instantly” hear the bullets come by (“bees” flying by)

Then you hear the gun fire (a “burb” sound)
(yes in that order)(the rounds come by faster than the sound gets there)

( I am told there is a “third” sound as well…the target being hit…which if you are close enough to the target you hear “2nd” (after the rounds coming by” and then (I believe) you hear the gun fire

If you are nice…they might buzz the tower

And wave !

“soft” targets

“hard” targets” (see the hole in the sand below the hull…picked a round out of it)

‘picked up a few “slugs” from inside the hulls…they were still warm (from the gun or penetrating the aluminum hull…or both!)

They can hear the target be struck (even the soft parachute like targets)('see the microphones behing the berm?)

Example of the 30 mm round (not the A/P model on the left…other than the size of the projo)

Fired projo’s picked up with various “wounds” to the bullet from the target hull such as the nylon driving band torn off, or deformations of the projo itself (nose cone “windshields” laying about as well)

( a couple of the hull “plugs” punched out the the tanks…top right of the photo)

“just a boring spring day here in Wisconsin !”

(what an honor to see our war fighters practicing their trade…even if only with 1 second bursts!)


Nice planes, one of my favorates.
I’ve heard them firing at Camp Grayling, and 2 weeks ago had a flight of 4 go over my house on their way from training at Camp Grayling to their home at Selfridge ANG base

Great set of pictures! The A-10 is my all time favorite aircraft. I recall many years ago as a youngster visiting the Pima Air Museum near Davis Monthan AFB in Arizona, the still new A-10s were doing gunnery practice that day. The “BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP” sound of a 1-2 second burst from the GAU-8 was very distinctive! Fast forward to Desert Shield/Desert Storm in 1990-1991, the A-10s did a fantastic job knocking out tanks and AFVs ahead of my unit’s advance into Kuwait. I think the A-10s can claim credit for most targets destroyed during this time.


opps…I intended these tacked on to the end of Vlad’s “recoil” question (which I think it is)…but here as a stand alone again…sorry

Incredible photos, Pepper!

I can only imagine how awesome that experience must have been to witness as well as being surrounded by gobs of US heroes. The in flight photos you took are amazing. I never knew they put speakers behind the targets.