WOW loud aircraft sounds Part 3 (F-16's)


F-16’s “play” too

(had to take a bunch of photos to get lucky and catch the 1 second burst…see the gun smoke?)

and the smoke’s about gone…in an instant
the sound?..the bees (sound of the bullets)(about a 100 of them in a micro trigger burst) come by and then the “rip” of the gun sound is second

(I think this target is out of commission!)

Deployed flares…someone fired a Smoky Sam !

Smoky Sam up up and away !

Turning in for a show of force

Buzzing the tower (a tad fast!)

You can see the gun port

An orange rocket to designate in the case of wanting to play “good guy”…”bad guy”

PS…spend 20 m/m projos are all over the place (both the newer and old style “noses”)…but I am not a medium cal guy…so be it…(what ever you call them!)


Beautiful photos Pepper! What a privilege it must have been to be invited to see that and the A-10 firing. Your pics rock. You must have a awesome camera. I can almost smell the gunpowder.