WOW -loud aircraft sounds today so I looked out my window


12:00 noon in Calgary Alberta

        Loud aircraft noise - computer room blind is shut 
        Gets much louder so I finally look 

        just in time to see the back end of a Lancaster bomber flying away To Abbottsford Air Show .

I found this on the web.



Lovely sound those four Roll Royce Merin engines make. We used to have one flying regularly over our house during the airshow season.


Nothing like those WWII plane motors.


For those whose tastes run to more esoteric Rolls Royce aero engine sounds I can recommend the Hawker Nimrod clip on You Tube, featuring the immortal RR Kestrel. Thirties military aviation noises at their finest! Jack


Gee, I am still trying to get to Canadian War Museum in Ottowa.


Here’s a turret from a Lanc. Used .303 cal ammo. This pic and info added to supply proper forum content to this thread.


It must have been absolutely freezing in the middle of a European winters night over Germany. And horribly undergunned against a 109.


Almost as good is the sound of a flight of two or (better yet) three CH-53 helicopters. The first time I heard some fly over, I rushed outside expecting to see a vintage B-17, so similar was the noise they made.


The only vintage airplane sound in the Netherlands recently (last friday) was that of a Douglas C47 ripped apart when, during transport over a highway, it turned out that a viaduct was a little smaller than the Douglas itself… How dumb can you be??


Now, that is about the dumbest and sadest thing I have ever seen.
I hope the truck driver has to pay for it out of his own pocket!


Yea. That’s a shame. Up side is, there’ll be some restoration parts available for some of the remaining examples. Doesn’t look like that one was very well cared for, anyway. Pretty rough shape to begin with.


Sad end for a fine old Dakota. Lots of 'em still flying in commercial use today around the world.
Getting fewer and fewer, though, of course. Things like this don’t help.

John Moss


I saw that Lancaster fly over my house on Thursday on it’s way to the Abbotsford Airshow and again on Monday as it began it’s return to it’s home in the private Canadian Warplane Heritage museum in southern Ontario. The Canadian War Museum (fed. gov) in Ottawa doesn’t bother to try to keep any of it’s vehicles or aircraft in working condition.


I live near West Point Military Academy and once in a while have 5-6 CH-47 Chinooks flying over my house, very interesting machine gun like vibrating sound. I wish I could hear Mi-26 Russian Halo for comparison, but they are never above me.


Vlad I heard (and seen) one but its not too special. Just loud and deep.