WRA 12 Gage Brass Lot 22000


I recently acquired a sealed box of WRA 12 Gage Brass No. 00 Buckshot, 25 Shells, For Use In Hunting Small Game, Lot #22000. I’ve seen lot numbers higher than 22000 but not lower, which may mean nothing. Does anyone know if a date of issue/manufacturer can be associated with the lot number? Thanks


Winchester introduced loaded Buckshot in 1907.



Number 22000 was the lot range assigned to the No. 00 load with brass case made by Winchester. First lot was 22000 from 1944 and the latest I have observed is 22060 from 1945, but I don’t know if it is the last one. You can easily recognize lot numbers made in 1945 because boxes are marked “Divison of Olin Industries, Inc.”.




Thank you for your info.