WRA 22 short sealed full box

This box is still sealed. Is this around turn of the last century?

showing the Cummins Cryptographic machine’s “Dot Code” date holes in the side seal were used ca. 1908-1910 into the 1950’s on some boxes according to Giles.
With the correct Oct 31 patent date, & no smokeless over stamp, Rains lists this as a 1906 issue & it is a black powder loading.

the “dot code” is in reference to the holes on the side label? What book do I have to get to learn about this ‘dot code’. Very interesting.
Thanks for the reply

Howdy David
Yes in the side label, the one noting “Target Cartridges” & apparently Peters also used that machine.
The 2 books referenced were:
Giles, Ray & Shuey, Daniel L. One Hundred Years of Winchester Cartridge Boxes 1856-1956. ISBN 0-7643-2541-8

Rains, Rchard L. Winchester Two-Piece .22 Boxes 1873to 1927. ISBN 0-9707608-6-B

I should add that Ray doesn’t go into how to read / decipher the code, just notes it’s use.

Thank you! I shall find copies of these books.