WRA .44 WCF Cartride with SmallPistol Primer

I have a WRC .44 WCF Cartridge that has a small pistol primer. Would like to know when the .44 (.44-image 40) used a small primer?

The .44-40 was introduced in 1873-74 with the Winchester primer of .175 in. diameter. Upon the development of the firm’s larger primer of .210 in. diameter about 1878 the smaller was called the “no. 1” and the larger “no. 2”. When the larger supplanted the smaller in this caliber varied from maker to maker, but your cartridge was made by Winchester some time after about 1885. Jack

Thanks Jack. Does this cartridge have any value for collectors? I am not a collector, just happened to get this item in some other .44-40 ammo I bought years ago.

I’m lousy on values, but this is a pretty common round and its value nominal I think. On the other hand it is a cartridge with a significant historical resonance for a lot of people and might interest gun collectors and American history buffs. Jack

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