WRA 45AC British dummy cartridge

I have had a number of these WRA 45 AC dummy cartridges with empty primer pocket/no flash hole and gm fmj bullet.
Recently acquired one with dummy primer and gmcs bullet.
What is the history of these?
All I have in my notes is Winchester contract to manufacture British 45 acp dummy cartridges.

WRA%2045%20AC%20a WRA%2045%20AC%20b WRA%2045%20AC%20c

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That’s what you call a knurl! I don’t recall ever seeing such a serious knurl on any small-arms dummy. The fact that it appears on both “primer” types leads me to believe it is not a factory job, but one done at an armory or “individual” level.

See here - https://sites.google.com/site/britmilammo/-45-inch-acp/-45-inch-other

I have never seen these before!
According to this description: “The case was the normal .45 inch ACP with a Boxer cap chamber with fire hole but without a cap”, we now have 3 primer/primer pocket variations.

Photo posted by Tony Edwards (2012)- http://www.warrelics.eu/forum/ordnance-ammo/45-ammo-box-royal-connections-1823/

Notice the .45 ACP primer pocket has a drill hole in the example shown in the photo.


This is the first time I have seen the knruled dummy with the wood spacer showing thru a flash hole. Also, the one with an inert primer cup with hole in it is new to me. Interesting that there are three types. I have only the one with the blind primer pocket, although I have two variations in that - different width and position of knurled band.

More .45s to look for!

John Moss

Pretty sure I have a box with some of these knurled dummies & will photo & post next year