WRA Co .310 Cadet

I have seen it written (in an IAA or ACCA Journal) that Winchester at least made some trial lots of .310 Cadet with WRA Co headstamp. The source was unaware of any rounds in existence.

Has this been confirmed or is this still a mystery cartridge?

The ACCA Journal index lists an article on Winchesters 310 Cadet in #83 P 21. I don’t have this issue but I have just put in an order for some ACCA Journal back issues which includes #83.

Matt, the .310 Cadet made by Winchester is listed by Williamson as first loaded in 1908 with a 120 gr lead bullet and smokeless powder, and is included in Winchester’s “Last Loading Data - Obsolete Calibers” as last loaded in January 20, 1909 with a 120 gr lead bullet and 6.9 gr of R.C. #69 powder. Also, Shuey’s book mentions that a WRACo headstamped cartridge was reported but not observed.

To add to Fede’s reply a WRACo headstamp bunter is known to exist.

Thanks guys.
That was the general theme of the older info I had read. It seems there haven’t been any developments in the last few years.

IAA Journal #421 page 33 has a WRA Co 310 Cadet headstamp pictured from John Witzel. Hard to tell from the black and white picture but it looks like an unprimed case and not just a drawing of the headstamp.

I think but am not 100% sure, that is a photograph of the bunter.

The bunter would show a mirror image of the headstamp, if that helps…

The print could have been made with the emulsion side of the negative up so the lettering would read properly.

While not the best quality, the picture does have the look of white powder used to better show an impressed headstamp and an empty primer pocket with single flash hole. It doesn’t look like more modern bunters that I have seen although I haven’t seen an old WRA bunter to compare.