WRA Co. Express


Has anyone ever seen an ‘Express’ bullet, in a Winchester factory loaded cartridge, that did NOT have the ‘X’ imprinted on it? The cartridge in question is a ‘WRA Co 50-110 EX.’ Thanks, and Cheers!



While my example of a Winchester factory load with that projectile, and all others I have seen, feature the “X” on the copper plug, I have seen the Eley headstamped .50-110 featuring a similar “Express” bullet without it.



Hmmm…I am questioning the factory authenticity of my 50-110. I have seen obvious signs on cartridges handloaded with tong tools and modern presses, but this one exhibits none of them. My UMC 50-115 Bullard does not have any type of mark on the copper tube.



Please keep in mind that they don’t let me out much so my lack of sightings in no way means they don’t exist!

Did a little digging on the Forum and found this post with a nice drawing showing a Winchester “Express” bullet with a “W”. If the drawing is a 1st angle projection it would be the nose. If 3rd angle projection it shows the base of the bullet. If it’s the nose (though I think it shows the base), would love to find one of them…


Question in general:

Was there a patent on this design? Seems that it was used by Winchester’s competition during that time (UMC, Eley and perhaps others?) How late did Winchester load this bullet in the .50-110?



Dave–According to Dan Shuey in his book “W.R.A.Co.” the .50-110 Express was last loaded in 1939.


Thanks Ron.

Looking at the drawing I linked to above with a bit better magnification I noticed that the projectile shown with a “W” in the view below it is actually a FMJ type, not the “Express” copper plug variety. Also, as the case head on the left is shown in 3rd angle projection from the case above it, I would guess the “W” is on the bullet base rather than the nose.



Dave–Yes, that “W” is on the bullet base. However, be sure to watch for a small “W” on the side of the soft point and FMJ bullets just above the case mouth. This “W” can be found on just about all calibers of W.R.A.Co. cartridges with jacketed bullets. The “W” is usually found in 2 size variations, very small and just a little larger.


My 1920 WRA Co. catalog lists the 50-110 with the Express bullet, but only the soft point loading in the 1928 catalog.


only WRACo manufactured round I know of without a marked copper tube is on the .401 S.L.R.
the Bullard by UMC does not come with a marked copper tube to my knowledge, infact I can’t remember seeing any UMC marked copper tubes.


I will hang on to it, even though the chances of it being a factory oddball are slim. It is probably a handload with someone else’s copper tubed bullet. Thank you all for your help. Cheers!