WRA Co No.12 Rival trench shotgun round

Both its ends, one facing a foe, another a friend.

A very nice old brass shell! I’ve passed up buying these, concentrating on other areas, but they are very interesting. I’ve never seen what authenticates these being specially made for military use/trench guns but it makes sense.

I can’t make out all the writing on the top wad but I assume that the number ‘26’ is for a charge of powder (seen this on other WRA top wads) and not the number of 00 Buckshot contained in the shell (they would not fit in a standard-length shell).

It’s interesting that Winchester marketed the ‘Rival’ shell as a 2nd quality shell and yet these would have been used to fill a government contract (if my assumption that they were is correct). The finger crimp must have been more expensive to make too. The Rival brass shell production ended about 1929 but I wonder if any of these shells made it to the front lines in WWII? Most brass shells I have seen from that period were the Remington ‘BEST’ shells.

The ‘26’ is for the charge of ‘Infallible’ powder, the predecessor to today’s Unique. At 12 o’clock, on the topwad, ‘Infallible’ is spelled out.