WRA M2 Box Question

At a small local show today I saw a box of M2 I haven’t seen before, wondering what it is. It appeared to be standard type U.S. surplus 20-rd box of M2 ball. The ctgs look just like a Military ball, FMJ annealed neck. The headstamp was WRA .30-06 Sprgfld. with large copper primer, no sealant, I’m unsure about the crimping. It reminded me of a commercial hunting Winchester HS. The label on the box also threw me…Winchester Olin 1947-48. Have never seen a date like that on the box before.
So I’m guessing this is an after-the-war box of military ctgs that were marketed by WRA commercially? I almost bought it at $20 but was leery on the primer and have tried to stop accumulating things that I probably won’t shoot. Thanks for any replies. lee

After posting I thought that because of the HS, possibly these ctgs are reloads. They look like original US M2 but I’ve been fooled before.
The box label still bugs me. I’m going to drive the 75 mile roundtrip back to the show tomorrow and see if it’s still on the table. Some things just get under your skin, ya know? I’ll post a photo if it comes home. If gone it won’t be a wasted trip - I can always find something else I need.

Boxes for Dominican Republic were labeled “Gob. Rep. Dominicana Caliber 30 M/2 (1947-48) Winchester Repeating Arms Company Dvision of Olin Industries, Inc. New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.A.” and cartridges headstamped WRA 30-06 SPRG. Maybe that’s what you saw?

Thanks, I think that’s exactly what I saw. I don’t remember the entire label, but the date and the Win. Olin phrase stuck in my mind, plus the HS.
Anything special about the box, or are they pretty common? Being pre-50’s I’m assuming the primers are corrosive, and because it’s WRA, probably boxer.