WRA Protected Point Bullet (Sectioned)

The W.R.A. Co. Protected Point Bullet was one of the early patented hunting bullets used by U.S. ammuntion manufacturers. It consisted of a standard pointed soft point covered by a thin copper cap. The cap had three fingers on the base which were inserted inside the jacket prior to final swaging. The cap also had three triangular notches through which core material was extruded during swaging, thus locking it to the core and jacket. Early forms used a tin-plated tip while later versions eliminated the plating.

HS on this example is W.R.A.CO. 30 G. 1906.


Very nice round!

They do look better sectioned than not. I guess its time to crank up the sectioning chain saw and get the barbecue grill going to take care of those bothersome lead cores.


Careful! Ron says we’re not supposed to tell how to do it. :) :)


That is a beautiful round sectioned like that. I have never seen a window like that. NICE. It is neat seeing how the windscreen is attached. I think that is called a windscreen?