I have a handful of .35 WSL rounds with various manufacturers marks. Can anyone tell me the dating associated with the WRA mark as opposed to the WRA CO mark?

Thank you.

Dan Shuey mentioned in one of his books, that, the ‘WRA’ headstamp first appeared in 1929 on the 45 Auto Rim.

so is that later than WRA Co?

Yes, WRA is later than WRA Co, generally speaking. That doesn’t mean that some calibers with WRACo headstamp might not have been made AFTER some calibers with just WRA headstamp. These changes generally happen gradually with ammunition made by big companies with a large product assortment. New headstamps appear first on new calibers and very popular calibers, where with the latter, new headstamp bunters are made fairly often. Slow-selling calibers will get it last, as the sales don’t justify any retooling. In the case of Winchester, for example, calibers like the .30 Luger carried the W-W headstamp long after it was superceded by the WIN and WINCHESTER headstamps. I am not even sure, in that particular example, if they have changed it to WIN even now, years after the W-W headstamp was obsolescent.

John is exactly correct as he always is!!!

For 9mm ammo, WRA headstamps didn’t appear on Winchester headstamps until the beginning of WWII and then entirely or almost entirely on military contract ammo. The WRA wasn’t used on a commercial 9mm Luger headstamp until after WWII and in fact, the initial Winchester production of 9mm Luger after the war still used the WRACo headstamp.

I suspect it is very difficult to tell when a particular caliber changed headstamps without eatablishing a significant number of boxes both with both headstamps and using the box load date codes to see when the transition happened.


W.R.A. on .3040 Krag appeared about 1934 - 1935, used for a very short time before the introduction of the SUPER SPEED headstamp…the headstamp was W.R.A. .30 ARMY