WRACO 9M/M LUGER AUTO. hst comparison

I recently acquired a box of 9mm Luger HP with the headstamp indicated above. I can’t date it because it has the punch code load date which I don’t know how to translate. The label is reddish and it is a 2 piece box with the full cover (it goes all the way to the bottom of the box with fingertip cutouts on each side instead of having the top and bottom join at the middle of the side of the box.

The cartridges in he box differed from the ones in my collection. Though both had bullets with “W” on the side and both had cases without the knurl, the primer of the new cartridges lacked the “W” of the older cartridges.

As I examined them before I entered the new load in the collection, I noticed the headstamps looked different, particularly the “9” but also other aspects of the headstamp (like a CO instead of a Co).

Then I wondered if anyone else out there noticed (or cared about) these differences and started this thread.

Eventually, I decided to do a little research before I looked really dumb (again) and I dug out Dan Shuey’s Vol II. Glad I did. I found that he noticed the difference. On page 217, his headstamp A is the one on the left in my photo and headstamp B is the one on the right. He however does not list a HP in headstamp B. So there it is, I have been collecting 9mmP for 50+ years and not only find a new (to me) and very early WRA headstamp, but discovered that I had one in my collection for at least 30 years and had not noticed the difference in the headstamp!

Good news is that I get to add a new headstamp to my collection. Tbe bad news is that I also have to add it to a part of Vol 4 of that I thought I had completed!!!

This has also made me wonder! I know that in the 1950s the WRA 9M/M LUGER ammunition was made by both Winchester and by Western for Winchester with the WRA headstamp. Years ago John M and I got into a conversation about the minor differences in various WRA 9M/M LUGER headstamps. Then I found a box of these with an “A” prefix on the load code which means it was made by Western, and sure enough, the headstamps were the ones that are occasionally seen.

Recently I realized that I had Winchester Blue boxes (W.R.A.Co. 9M/M LUGER headstamps) with the “A” as well as those without. My “A” prefix box is empty and I haven’t gone on a search for two types of headstamps, but I suspect they exist.

I have to wonder if the two types of W.R.A.Co. 9M/M LUGER AUTO. are also a result of Western manufacture. Does anyone have one of the old style (pre-blue box Winchester) 9mmP with an A prefix on the load code?