Wrapped in foil?

Hello, I have a box of shotshells in my collection from russian manufacture. The headstamp is ISKRA 12 made in russia 12 The cases are green paper. All ten cases are wrapped in foil like a candy.
Does this have any reason??
And if so what??
Regards Ren

The box is wrapped in foil, or the individual cartridges are wrapped in foil? It may just be an attempt to waterproof the box, or make them more resistant to absorbing moisture, since paper cases were known to swell if they were left exposed in humid conditions.

Hi SDC, The individual cartridges are wrapped in foil. When the box was wrapped it would be obvious that it would be to store them waterproof. But now each cartridge is wrapped it would seem like a lot of work to unwrap every single cartridge when are hunting.
But it might be true.
Regards Rene

I’ve seen Ferret shotgun shells (barricade-penetrating tear-gas) sealed in foil packages, but this was mainly to keep the damage to a minimum if the liquid tear-gas began to leak out of the shells. The only possible reason I can think of for sealing standard paper shells in foil is to keep moisture out.

I think t has something to do with moisture, but the wrapper is not sealed like some teargas shells are sometimes. But they are probably about 40 years old.
Thanks for your ideas.