Write Your Own Caption, Part 2

I know, I shouldn’t do this. But it’s so much fun. There was great participation in my first post, Part 1, of what we now know is the rocket motor section of the BM-30 (9K58) Smerch 300mm MLRS impact in a farmer’s field. In this new wonderful photo, again from the Atlantic, a local resident in Stepanakert, on 10 Oct 20, hangs his pants out to dry after their being soiled by the surprise arrival of another rocket motor in his living room the night before, and washed. I’m not sure what my reaction might have been when the ordnance crashed through the concrete ceiling of my living room without warning in the middle of the night, but I expect some washing of pants and underwear might be in order.

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Dream I had last night scared the S*** out-ah me, then I woke up.

“These young people, the party last night really got out of control”

Its not a party until the Big Guns come out…

Excellent; gift from heaven…think I could make a barbecue out of that.

“Those darn ammo collectors never know when it is time to stop”

They dried faster when it was smokin’!

“Now that would accentuate the bulge in my jeans!”

Cartridge collecting gone to the extreme

Or Demolition Ranch gone to far

“Of all the apartments in the world, I had to move in across the street from Charles Bronson!”

Is that the Siegfried line from the ‘hang out your washing on the …’ song?

I must have said something my girlfriend did NOT like.

Well, there’s the really obvious: “Oh, shit”!!! Or “Oh, well. At least it didn’t take out the clotheslines!”

“I told you that you will be sorry!”

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