WTB: .25-45 Sharps FMJ


Hi all,

I am looking for someone in the USA who has one or more single rounds of the .25-45 Sharps FMJ load, advertised on Sharps’ site here. I am not looking for other varieties of .25-45 at this time. If you have some sample rounds of this type, please let me know.




What is the headstamp? FC?



No clue, Joe, I don’t have one.


David Call has the single rounds for sale, but not in FMJ.



I’ve got the SP already, unfortunately.


Would be nice if they would sell you one box of 20, not 5 boxes at a time.






You don’t have any of the FMJs do you? I’ve already got one of the Hot Cors (might’ve gotten it from you, actually).


Still would like to get one or two of these FMJ loads.


sorry, I did not get a notice of your reply, I bought these from COR-Bon and no FMJ available now.