WTB 303-25, 7x33, 310 cadet etc packets

Hi there,
I’m looking for various ammunition packets listed here. I don’t really mind what condition the box is in.
Anything Australian for 303 based cartridges such as the 303-25, 303-22, 7.7x54 and so on.
Mainly looking for Super Cartridge Co packets but I am interested in any other Australian manufactured packets.
I’m also interested in Australian 222 Rimmed packets, 7x33 packets and Kynoch, Super or other old 310 Cadet packets.
I’m also interested in older Bertram Brass packets for the above calibers.

Please note I’m only able to purchase EMPTY packets at this time, as empty brass and other cartridge components are treated as live ammunition where I live and I don’t have the license required yet to posses them.
Thanks for reading.