WTB .303 Charger clips

I’m interested in buying .303 charger clips. Send me a message. Payment will be by PayPal.

I’m going to be attending SLICS this year, so if anyone is attending and has .303 chargers for sale, please bring them along.

Are you looking for generic clips for shooting? If so, there is a guy in my club who had quite a few at the last gun show.
I do not believe he has any with unique makers marks, and maybe no marks, from what I can remember…
Let me know and I will ask hum.

Sorry - I should have been more specific. I’m looking for different marks and makers. I can put together a list of what I have and if anyone has any that I don’t have I would be happy to take them.

Post the list, or send it me, with an idea of what you are willing to pay, and I will have my buddy check if he has anything.

This is my list of .303 British chargers, by manufacturer marking and the mark of charger.


I’m not sure what these fetch in the US but here they can be picked up for a $2 - $3 each.

This is the lsit of those you want, and not those that you have, correct?

No - that is the list of those that I have.

spares at moment
spare enfield chargers


Thanks Richard - I’ll be in touch.