WTB .380 ACP/9x17 ammo boxes

I am looking for boxes (full, partial, or empty) of military .380 ACP/9mm Browning short/9mm kurz/9mm scurt/9mm corto/9mm court/9mmx17mm/9mm krátký/ 9mm kas/9mm rövid/9mm kort/9mm kratak - from Germany, Austria, Austria-Hungary, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Holland, Spain, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, and Czechoslovakia. I am putting together a military .380 pistol display and I need these to accompany the pistols. I am also looking for vintage U.S. boxes, as the U.S. never manufactured the .380 as military ammo. These would include Savage and U.S. Cartridge company to accompany the Colt M1908 U.S. Property pistols and two Savages that were carried in WWI by a British and a Candaian officer, so Eley, Dominion, Canuck, ICI, etc., would also be great. Thanks for your help! Tom W. Glaser grtscott@hotmail.com