WTB book WRA CO Headstamped Cart. Vol. 2. FOUND one - no longer need - THANKS ALL :)

Looking for Volume 2 of Daniel Shuey’s book: W.R.A. Co. Headstamped Cartridges and Their Variations.

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Thanks, but they are out of stock. Seems the inventory was water damaged and they lost it. Bummer :(

If you have not found a copy yet try IDSA Books, they have a new copy in Stock.
Tele. 513-985-9112
Jim Alley

At $125.00 IDSA Books isn’t a bargain, Dan will most likely print it again.

Thanks for the tip! I grabbed that one. As Dave - Ammoone - mentions, there may be another printing but when I last spoke with Dan it will not in the works for the near future.
Thanks to all who took-a-look at my post and helped out.