WTB Cal .30 API

I want to buy a full box, partial box, or even a few loose Cal .30 API M14 cartridges. I have money or will trade for something that you may want. Note: M14, not M14A1. And, US made, not foreign.




I never got into distinguishing M14’s from M14A1’s. I am sure I have some loose. How do I tell the difference. I think an M14 is supposed to weigh 407 grains?

Joe in phoenix.


The difference is the bullet core and the base. An M14 will have a boattail. The M14A1 will be flat. The M14 core is the same as the AP M2. The M14A1 core is very short and blunt. A trained hand can tell the cores apart with a magnet. I’m not sure that the total weight is the best way to tell them apart. The difference in weight may be due to the manufacturer and the tolerances.

What years and manufacturer do you have?