WTB Cartridges or military shells for collector located in Canada

Looking for anything half way interesting, for example:

  • WWI or WWII shells up to 4.5 inch.
  • Large caliber rifle cartridges (live only) ie .338 Lapua, interesting .50cal .400+ nitro express any age.
  • 20mm - 40mm projectiles (with brass would be nice) inert
  • WWII German 9mm rounds (live only)
  • Brass shotgun shells
    Send me what you would want to sell (photo?) and how much. Must be located in Canada. Just looking to kick start (restart really) my collection. Have PAL of course.
    Newfoundlands best coast, the West coast.

PM sent

Hello Paul

Great to hear from you. You have a very nice collection from what I can see and beautiful photography as well might I add. I’m currently in the very SW corner of Newfoundland near Port aux Basque NL. Love it here. We just left Kitchener Ontario to live here. I’ve just been to one Ontario “gun” show where they had a nice collection of things but then the covid hit and not been able to go to any others.

I saw that you sent me a pm but it was the same content as this post in the forum. Is there anything in your collection you could part with? I’m not fussy.

My collection has been mostly stagnant for 30 years but I hope to get it going in full swing. I’ll post some of what I have soon but it’s Very limited lol.

VA3SU (for now)