WTB-Gray Tip 7.62x25 Tokarev

Some 7.62 Tokarev rounds with bluish-gray tips have been found in Asia. I would dearly like one for the collection. Please let me know if you have, or know of, an example.

Do you know what this loading is?

Got one???
I think it is a Chinese proof load, but not sure.

Wish I had two, one for each of us.

Going to Israel on the 10th, anyone I should look up?

Unfortunately most of my collector friends are gone.
Have a great trip! Anything special planned? You have to visit the Underground Ammo Factory in Rehovot, Armor Museum at Latrun, Golani Museum at Tzomet Golani, Syrian bunkers on the Golan. Not sure if the Zahal Museum in Yaffo is open, but it would be worthwhile if you could visit.
Have a great time.

Visit with my cousin Sarah who I haven’t seen for 50 years. Her daughter & family. My now deceased cousin’s brothers family who I just (2 years ago) had contact with & is living in Australia. Sarah & her daughter live in Herzliva. {Tel Aviv} Will try to work in the underground factory, I doubt any thing else I might be voted down,. Want to see Petra & again visit the dead sea.


Bring up the other ideas, may be more interest than you think. Remember, it’s not a big country. Petra’s a whole other ballgame. Visas to and from Jordan, travel through the West Bank, etc.
Next trip…Australia!
I loved it down there.

Let me know if you come to Perth.

Thanks, didn’t know that about Petra
We got a tour guide for Christmas & they listed Petra as an attraction. Sounded like it was in-country?

Thought I was PM’ing you Jon
danged if I know how this got public