WTB-Inerting Service for black powder loads

I have some black powder loads that are too big for my inertial bullet puller. Is there someone out there who can pull the bullet and dump the powder on these loads.

There are also some rimfire loads which of course I can’t inert using my bullet puller. Can someone handle these loads?

If you have any ideas on on who can inert these, even if you can’t, please let me know.



Could you post a list of the calibers you want to inert. I can dismantle some odd calibers, RCBS press and collet type puller.

I also know some custom ammo makers/machinists who maybe able to do what you need.

OR try this gentleman

Mr. Bob Hayley of Hayley Custom Ammunition.
211 N. River St.
PO box 889
Seymour TX 76380
Phone and Fax # 1-940-888-3352

He can make anything ( or just about) so it stands to reason he could take just about anything apart.

I know that Dave Call has a bullet puller that will handle 50BMG size cases (I made it for him). I don’t recall if it will do the 20x110 HS & Orli, but I know that the 20x102 is to fat at the base.

The collet type pullers are the best bet for rimfire cases, but the mouth crimp may be a little hard on the healed bullet base.